Case Study:

High emissions due to several issues was solved by pleated bags




Removal of slag after casting process and general ventilation of casting fumes

Dust type:

Manganese, foundry ferrous fume and nickel


Bad baffling in two dust collectors caused swinging of the 4 meter long filterbags. This resulted in holes in bags and thereby high emissions (higher than the 20mg/m3 set out by public authorities).


  • Decreasing of filter length (1,26m vs. 4m) has removed issue with swinging of the bags
  • The PU-top makes fit to the holeplate very easy
  • Spunbund polyester, which is a surface filtration media, is more efficient for pulse cleaning keeping deltaP low for substantially longer than the felt media. An advantage when dP-cleaning as in this case.
  • Simultaniously, as a consequence of upgrading to pleated bag filters, the filter surface area has increased by 10%.
  • Weldtech technology (ultrasonic welded bands) ensures perfect fit of the bands and equal pleatdistance


  Bag solution Pleated bag solution
Dust type  Manganese, foundry ferrous fume and nickel
Filter type Filter bag  Pleated Bag
Media/cloth type  Needle felt with water/oil repellent finish Spunbond Polyester with PTFE coating
Length 4000mm  1260mm
Number of bags/cartridges  960 pcs (spread over 2 collectors) 960 pcs (spread over 2 collectors)
M² in each bag/cartridge 1,95m² 2,15m²
M² in unit / air volume 1.872m² / 117.000m3/h 2.064m² / 117.000m3/h


  • Lower emission levels
  • Longer general life cycle of filters and no in-between changeouts
  • Same filter types (size of top and length) used in several collectors makes stockholding easy and simple - and provides significant savings

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