Case Study:

High differential pressure in Cement Raw Mill solved with ePTFE membrane pleated bag


  • USA: Texas - Austin


Cement Raw Mill

Dust type:

Raw mill cement dust


The Customer often needed to shut down due to high differential pressure issues. The reduced flow was decreasing production capacity at the plant. The unit was evaluated - a 67,500 ACFM / 115.000 m3/h dust collector containing 1020 bags - and learned that:

  • Customer was pulsing multiple valves at once on the same header tank
  • The cleaning system was undersized


  • Pleated bags with a high efficiency ePTFE membrane was installed.
  • By increasing the filter media area and using a membrane media providing optimal dust release capacity, the air flow was increased and the operating differential pressure of the baghouse was lowered.
  • Also, the cleaning system was overhauled to allow for only one valve to be fired per pulse, thus optimizing the cleaning arrangement.


  Bag solution Pleated bag solution
Dusttype  Finish mill cement dust
Filter model Filter bag Pleated bag
Media/cloth type  Polyester felt Spun bond with ePTFE membrane
Length  144”/3650mm 40”/1000mm
Number of elements 1,020 1,020
Sqft in each element (Total) 15sf/1,4m2 (15,300sf/1420m2)

20sf/1,9m2 (20,400sf/3530m2)

Filter life 2 years 3 years


  • Lower operating Dp
  • Reduced down time and maintainance cost
  • Lower emissions
  • Cost savings