Case Study:

Conversion of bags to pleated bags solved capacity problem at Calucem d.o.o.




Cement plant: Calucem D.O.O

Dust type:

Calcium Aluminium Cement and High Performance Cement


  • Requirement for
    • Increase of capacity with 20%
    • Lowering of emission with minimum 50%
    • Decreasing differential pressure with minimum 25%
    • Prolonging of filter lifetime from under 1 year
  • Calucem d.o.o. had the choice of either buying a new baghouse or update the existing


  • Customer chose to update the existing baghouse. Cost was 75% lower than bying a new baghouse.
  • Pleated filter bags from Nordic Air Filtration were installed
  • Reconstruction of fan and installation of new blow tubes was carried out.


  Bag filter Cartridge Filter Solution
Dusttype  Calcium Aluminum Cement
Collector type + running hours/year  Intensiv 45/4-4BS
Airflow m3/h 30.000 35.000
Filter model Conventional filter bag CH190 pleated bags
Media/cloth type  PES Needlefelt Polyester media with PTFE coating
Length mm 4.500 2.000
Number of bags/cartridges  180 180
m² in each bag/cartridge  2,3 3,9
m² in unit  419 702
Air-to-cloth ratio m3/m2/h 71 50
Emission mg/Nm3 12 5


  • By installing pleated filter technology with more filter media area in the existing baghouse, the air-to-cloth ratio was lowered
  • The shorter filters (4.500 vs. 2.000 mm) improves pre-separation of heavier dust particles in the hopper - before the particles reaches the filter media. This, with the lower air-to-cloth ratio and spun bond media charateristics, is a big part of why the filter life is prolonged 
  • Improved dust collection performance resulted in emission levels decreasing from 12 to only 5 mg/m3


Solution after: 

Advantages – confirmed by customer:

Calucem d.o.o. confirms that the following advantages has been obtained by installing Pleated filters from Nordic Air Filtration:

  • Baghouse capacity was increased from 30.000 to 35.000m3/h
  • DeltaP lowered from 16 to 10-12mbar
  • Emission levels decreased from 12 mg/m3 down to only 5mg/m3
  • Lifetime of installed filters from below 1 year to so far 1½ year - and still running

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