Case Study:

Replacing bag filters with filter cartridges solved emission problems at Calucem d.o.o.




Cement plant: Calucem D.O.O

Dust type:

Calcium Aluminium Cement


  • At Calucem d.o.o. the Scheuch filter bags caused various problems.
  • Due to very limited space in the collector, the filter bags had to be installed horizontally. However, the horizontal installation eventually caused the filters to bend/fall down into the collector decreasing the filtration efficiency.
  • The plant consequently experienced very high dust emissions: 47 mg/m3  


  • By installing shorter Clean Side Removal Cartridges instead of filter bags, the lenght of the filters was reduced from 1125mm to 800 mm solving the baghouse size issues
  • The shorter filters could be installed vertically
  • Despite installing shorter filters, the filter area was increased from 22m2 to 100m2 per baghouse due to the pleated technology


  Bag filter Cartridge Filter Solution
Dusttype  Calcium Aluminum Cement
Collector running hours/year   
Filter model Scheuch filter bags Clean Side Removal Cartridges
Media/cloth type  PES Needlefelt Polyester media
Length  1125mm 800mm
Number of bags/cartridges  40 40
m² in each bag/cartridge  0,55 2,3
m² in unit  22 100


  • By installing pleated filter technology with more filter media area in the existing baghouse, the baghouse capacity at Calucem d.o.o. was increased
  • Improved dust collection performance resulted in emission levels decreasing from 47 mg/m3 down to only 4 mg/m3

Solution after: 

Advantages – confirmed by customer:

Calucem d.o.o. confirms that the following advantages has been obtained by installing shorter Clean Side Removal Cartridges

  • Baghouse capacity was increased by almost 5 times
  • Problems with filters bending/falling into collector solved
  • Emission levels decreased from 47 mg/m3 down to only 4 mg/m3

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