Case Study:

Low suction in plasma cutting baghouse




Suction from plasma cutting machines

Dust type:

Stainless steel, black steel and alu - cut in thick plates


Customer had issues with pleated bags from competitor:

  • Unacceptable low suction at cutting machines, especially after starting with night shift in Production hall.
  • Thick raw plates created high dustload when cutted
  • Filters changed once pr year
  • 4 years ago a spark causing a fire in the baghouse resulted in change to pulsing with Nitrogen, but type of filter media was not changed


  • Specialists from Nordic Air Filtration assisted the reseller at inspection on endusers site
  • Pleated bags with increased filter surface and ePTFE-membrane on polyester base media (spark resistant, to minimize risk of fire) was installed August 2017
  • Guidance on the use of PreKote was given
  • September 2018, one year after installation, customer was so satisfied with the solution that they bought same filters for their other similar baghouse on site


Airflow in unit  25.000 m³/hour
Dusttype  Plasma cutting in Stainless Steel, black and alu
Collector running hours/year  8.736
Filter model Pleated bag from competitor CPB154
Media/cloth type  Polyester w. PTFE Coating Polyester w. PTFE Membrane (NA-900)
Length  2.000 2.070
Number of bags/cartridges  216 216
M² in each bag/cartridge  3,07 5
M² in unit  663 1080
Air-to-cloth ratio (m3/m2/h) 37,70 23,15
Bag house type Pulsejet Pulsejet


  • Lower dP for a longer time
  • Optimized suction in Production hall


Solution after: 

Sales Representative: