Case Study:

Multifit Pleated Bag with Weltech straps & PTFE coated filter media resulted in more than 3 times longer filter life cycle




Chemical - Glass

Dust type:

Gas & dust from glass production


  • The customer wanted to prolong the life cycle of their filters (Previous pleated bag filters lasted max. 8 months)
  • Wanted to avoid problems with the straps falling off and pleat joint that loosened when operating at temperatures above 85°C


  • Filter life cycle: Nordic Air Filtration's Multifit Pleated Bag with PTFE coated filter media was chosen. This filter media is very durable and it provides optimal dust release. 
  • Straps falling off and pleat joints that loosened: Ultrasonic welded Weldtech straps was used eliminating the need of using glue. The WeldtechTM technology is ideal for chemical dust as it has optimal heat tolerance and is gluefree. 
  • Today, the Multifit cartridges with EldtechTM straps are being off-line cleaned every 6 months using a vibrating steel bar inside the cartridges while mounted in the collector.

Under the above conditions, the Multifit solution lasts more than 3 times longer than the previous filter products.


  Bag solution Pleated bag solution
Dusttype  Gas/dust from glass production process
Filter model Menardi PB721 V-Serie
Multifit Pleated Bag
with 6 WeldtechTM straps
Media type  Polyester  Polyester - 806FC
Length/mm 2000mm 2000mm
Number of bags/cartridges  12 collectors with 1960 pieces in each collector
M² in each bag/cartridge  2.4m² 2.4m²


  • Longer life cycle provided by Nordic Air Filtration’s pleated bags with 806FC
  • Less downtime due to fewer changeouts
  • PTFE coated 806FC filter media provides better dust release and easier cleaning resulting in improved airflow

Solution after: