Case Study:

High emissions and short lifetime solved by PPS Pleated bag



Dust type:

TiO2 / Titanium Dioxide


Customer required reduction of emission level and a longer lifetime.

  • Emission level was higher than 20 mg/m3
  • Lifetime of filterbags was only 14 months
  • Quality of filter cages was poor, so changeout was also required every 14 months


  • Pleated bags with specially developed topflange made installation in existing mainplate possible
  • Decreasing of filter length (2m vs. 3,5m) gives bigger dropout box, allowing heavier dust particles to fall into the hopper before reaching the filter surface.
  • Pleated PPS-media, which offers advantages from the surface filtration concept, is more efficient in relation to dust capturing than the Aramid felt media.
  • Simultaneously, as a consequence of upgrading to pleated bag filters, the filter surface area has increased by over 100%. This ensures a longer lifetime.


  Bag solution Pleated bag solution
Dust type  TiO2
Filter type Filter bag  Pleated Bag
Media/cloth type  Aramid felt PPS pleatable
Length 3500mm  2000mm
Number of bags/cartridges  224 224
M² in each bag/cartridge 1,7m² 4m²
M² in unit / air volume 380m² / 16.000m3/h 896m² / 16.000m3/h


  • Lower emission levels (<5mg/m3)
  • Longer general life cycle of filters and no in-between changeouts (Before change out every 14 months, now every >36 months)
  • Fast and easy change-out of the pleated bag where all parts are integrated

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