Case Study:

PleatPlus® pleated bag with PPS media solved short bag life & increased production capability


  • USA: Florida - Tallahassee


Cement Finish Mill

Dust type:

Finish Mill Cement Dust


The Customer often needed to shut down due to high temperature and hydrolysis breaking down the polyester felt bags. The customer was looking for a solution that would increase their bag life while increasing their production at the same time.

The system was evaluated - a 29,000 ACFM / 49.300m3/h dust collector for the finish mill - and found that hydrolysis played a major role in the premature failure of the polyester bags. The differential pressure increased over a short time span due to an inadequate cleaning arrangement and holes in the bags caused frequent shut downs and repairs.


Pleated bags with PPS media was recommended as the PPS fibers do not hydrolize and are suitable for the conditions in the unit. However, using PPS fibers only would not solve the operating differential pressure issues. Therefore, Pleated bags with pleatable PPS was offered.

  • The shorter pleated design increased the drop out box by 80”/2m eliminating the amount of dust loading seen as the solution on pleated filter bags
  • The air to cloth ratio dropped from 4.3:1 down to 3:1 with the use of the Pleated bags
  • This lowered the operating Dp by close to 2” over the bag design
  • The PPS Pleated bag element provided optimal media offering which eliminated the hydrolysis of the polyester felt and increased the surface area, and lowered operating costs by an overall operating Dp reduction.


  Bag solution Pleated bag solution
Dusttype  Finish mill cement dust
Bag/Pleated Bag model Filter bag Pleated bag
Media/cloth type  Polyester felt Pleatable PPS felt
Length  120”/3050mm 40”/1000mm
Number of elements 429 429
Sqft in each element (Total) 15sf/1,4m2 (6,435sf/598m2) 23sf/2,1m2 (9,867sf/917m2)
Filter Bag life 1 year 2 years


  • Lower operating Dp
  • Improved chemical and moisture resistantance
  • Reduced down time and maintainance cost
  • Cost savings