Case Study:

Pleated bags increased dust collector capacity and reduced emission




Cement Silo

Dust type:

Cement dust


The cement silo (cement feeding/packing) had severe emission problems. Its feeding capacity increased over the last decade, but as the dust removal unit was not modified accordingly, it resulted in insufficient dust collector capacity:

  • Dust was exiting from holes
  • The safety valve was permanently open and the company received complaints from the community about the large amount of dust discharged into the environment
  • The emission proved to be a big problem


By replacing the existing filter bags with Multifit Pleated Bags from Nordic Air Filtration the following results were obtained:

  • The Spunbound media optimized filtration efficiency and the larger filtration area solved the silo pressure and ensured better running
  • The PTFE-coating of the media provides optimal dust release capacity during pulse cleaning which prolongs the life cycle of the cartridges
  • The unique Multifit-system with adapter rings enables the same filter to be used regardless of hole plate dimensions. Customer can minimize stock by having just one type cartridges. The adaptor system makes it possible to fit a standard sized Multifit filter into a variety of hole diameters simply by choosing the suitable adapter ring.


  Bag filter Pleated bag solution
Airflow in unit  8400 m³/hour
Dusttype  Cement
Collector running hours/year  8765 hours (All year)
Filter model Intensiv Multifit CMF145
Media/cloth type  Polyester  Polyester with PTFE coating
Length  2250  1500
Number of bags/cartridges  80 80
M² in each bag/cartridge  1,13 2,73
M² in unit  90 218


  1. Longer life cycle = cost savings
  2. Lower emission
  3. Optimized airflow


Solution after: 

Advantages – confirmed by customer:

Advantages achieved by using Multifit Pleated Bags:

  1. Longer life cycle as Nordic Air Filtration’s pleated bags are more abrasion resistant than filter bags
  2. Less dust discharging and lower emission
  3. Better airflow due to easier cleaning of media (Surface vs Depth Filtration) and larger surface area (pleated media)
  4. Cost savings as a result of a less energy consuming cleaning cycle with fewer pulses

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