Case Study:

By upgrading to Pleated Bags, the Titanium dioxide leak stopped





Dust type:

Titanium dioxide


  • Titanium dioxide is a very fine powder
  • The dust passed through the filter cloth of the bag filter

The Customer explains: "The bag filters were installed in a unit handling titanium dioxide which is a very fine powder. We experienced issues where the dust leaked through the filter cloth of the bag filters."

"The bag filters were supposed to be changed twice a year, but we ended up changing them more often. Also, we tried other types of filter media to stop the bypass."


The Customer explains: "Finally, we considered the pleated bag solution."
"We felt the unit would benefit from the extra filter media area, the better filtering efficiencies and the dust release properties offered by the pleated bag cartridge media."


  Bag filter Pleated bag solution
Dusttype  Titanium dioxide
Filter model


Bottom loader CBLPB110
Media/cloth type  Various medias tried Antistatic PTFE-Membrane
Length/mm  1800mm  1790mm
Number of bags/cartridges  9 9
M² in each bag/cartridge  0,6 3
M² in unit  5,4 27,0


  • Longer life cycle of filter
  • No bypassing of dust
  • Better airflow
  • Cost savings


Solution after: 

Advantages – confirmed by customer:

The customer confirms that the following advantages has been obtained by swapping from filter bags to Nordic Air Filtration’s Bottom loader CBLPB110 pleated bag:

  • Longer life cycle due to the pleated bag being more abrasion resistant
  • No bypassing of dust
  • Better airflow due to easier cleaning of media (Surface vs Depth Filtration) and larger surface area (pleated media)
  • Cost savings as a result of a less energy consuming cleaning cycle with fewer pulses