Case Study:

Pulse cleaning problems & short life cycle of filter bags solved with spunbond polyester pleated bags




Foundry & Grinding

Dust type:

Cast iron grinding powder


  • The use of 160x5000mm polyester felt filter bags caused problems as dust particles would not release from the felt media
  • The result was pulse cleaning difficulties and rapidly increasing deltaP leading to a too short life cycle of the filter bags


  • Spunbund polyester, which is a surface filtration media, is more efficient for pulse cleaning keeping deltaP low for substantially longer than the felt media.
  • Simultaniously, as a consequence of upgrading to pleated bag filters, the filter surface area has increased by 55% equal to an air to cloth ratio of 50 m3/m2/hour (2.7:1).
  • More efficient pulse cleaning has resulted in decreased energy costs as well as longer filter life cycle.


  Bag solution Pleated bag solution
Dusttype  Cast iron grinding powder
Filter model Filter bag Multifit Pleated Bag
Media/cloth type  Needle felt Polyester
Length/mm 5000mm  2000mm
Number of bags/cartridges  300 300
M² in each bag/cartridge  2,5m² 4,5m²
M² in unit  750m² 1350m²


  • Longer life cycle of filter
  • Better air flow and reduced DeltaP due to more efficient pulse cleaning
  • Energy savings on main fan & pulse cleaning